Let’s Play Make Believe


You are now entering a spin free zone

When you look at Earth from space, an indescribable feeling of euphoria washes over you. Astronauts call it, “the overview effect”. I’m not an astronaut, but when I imagine seeing Earth from space, all the bullshit disappears.

The first thing to notice in this image: there are no black lines between countries. Nation-states? That’s all shit we made up. Sure, states “serve a purpose”, but they only exist in the human mind. From mind, they manifest themselves as collective human behavior. A state is not a legal document, or even a collection of them. It’s not a land mass. It’s not a political posturing. A state is just a system of conditioning that makes people behave in peculiar ways. Some people, infected by this idea, may believe they have the power to dominate you, confiscate your assets, or tell you what to do. They may even do these things under the threat of violence, and become violent in the process. Nobody has the right to tell you what to do, ever, and nobody can make you do anything. Realizing that is a key to personal liberation. That said, there are real consequences for your actions, and it can be dangerous to act without regard for your particular cultural myths.

The second thing to notice in this image: there is no private property. That, too, is just bullshit people made up. We can only borrow energy and matter for the brief moment in time we call life. When our life is over, all our “possessions” return to forces we can’t control. People will say “this is my house, my car, my coat, my wife/husband”. All such utterances are an amusing peculiarity of language. For what can it possibly mean to say, “this is my car”? What it means in a practical sense, for most people, is that they will pursue you with the legal system and law enforcement officers if you do things to their car they don’t want you to. In essence, they will gather up people who are playing the same game of make believe and exact their revenge. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

The third thing to notice in this image: Earth is surrounded by blackness. There’s not another planet we know of that’s hospitable to human life, and we’ve done a pretty good job of screwing this one up. Most environmental systems are now in decline. The infinite growth paradigm of modern economics is doing serious harm to the finite physical planet.

Parting Thoughts

We’re all on this Earth together (unless you’re reading this from the International Space Station). It’s high time we started acting like it. We can start by de-conditioning ourselves and our friends. Nature offers us no morality or meaning of life, but we can freely enjoy the multitude of experiences, relationships, and thoughts that are available to us. I find meaning in bringing awareness to others, educating myself, and working to improve equality and sustainability. You’re free to call bullshit :-)